About Us

Our mission is to build websites that are easy-to use and stand out from the crowd

Digital Entourage believes that the best way to have an exceptional web site is to start with a great design. We design web sites that ensure you always make a great first impression and accurately reflect the strengths and attributes of your brand.

The first impression is made by the quality, tone and layout of the site’s design. In those first seconds the visitor makes assumptions about the brand behind the site. That impression (before any copy is read) quickly leads to a decision to stay or click away. Great brands understand the power of that first impression. Digital Entourage builds web sites that use visual communication to say “stay awhile.”

Our streamlined and budget-conscious approach is a perfect fit for the current business climate. Our team takes great pride in producing outstanding work while providing exceptional service regardless of budget.

We are an agile, flexible and efficient design studio known for our inspired creative, exceptional service and expert tactical advice. 
Our service capabilities include website development, mobile apps and websites, Internet Marketing, and Corporate Branding.

Our team has created engaging and memorable websites and marketing materials targeted to a diverse range of customers, prospective customers, existing clients, shareholders, employees, executives, and community leaders.

The depth and breadth of our expertise and experience makes Digital Entourage a versatile design studio. Our design professionals are especially easy to work with. We understand that being “user friendly” makes our clients happy and results in higher quality creative.