TapAdvisor is a touchscreen digital concierge, which provides consistently updated information and advice directly from the concierge desk.

Updates in Real-Time

Our web-based application allows you to make changes real-time so your guests are provided with up-to-date information about your hotel.

Make Recommendations

You have the ability to recommend to your guests where to eat, drink, and be entertained!

Targeted Marketing

TapAdvisor gives local area businesses a chance to advertise on a new medium.


TapAdvisor In-Room enhances the guest experience, increases staff efficiency, and helps generate revenue for the hotel.

Digitizing Hotel Services

Give your guests fingertip access to your hotel services on and off your property. This web-based application can be viewed on laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

In-Room Dining

Bring in-room dining to life with unlimited photos…and push special offers real-time. The application will allow for easy modification to the menu so you avoid printing costs.

In-Room Services

Amenities at your hotel, such as golf courses and spas, will have a tool to digitally communicate appointment availability to guests.